"STREET ART" Outsider Art by Michael D. Hurley (2001)

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"I am Michael Hurley, the owner of Bay City Cargo, two classic movie theatres and other endeavors. I have participated in and organized many community art events. I do not call myself an artist; and yet...I create. So maybe I am. We have of letters that we cannot sell at Bay City Cargo and I was drawn to use them in some way. In many ways they are the coolest letters we have... and have started creating signs and words with painting and attached materials. "EAT" is a great example! Enjoy!This creation I am calling "Street Art"! This piece graced the streets of of Beautiful Downtown Belfast, Maine inviting both visitors and residents to be silly by putting their face through the hole and have their picture taken to preserve the memory of visiting this community. Downtown Belfast Maine features street art created by local artists, both professional and non! This year Downtown Belfast is adorned with "chairs" such as "Couch Potato". It adds a special flavor to the memory of those who get to interact with our community, not just walk through it!. On one side is a 3D Dog which can have your face in the pooch! It reminds me a bit of Keith Haring's art! Many visitors and locals showed their LOVE OF BELFAST by having their pic taken with their face beaming with love for Belfast! Nothing stuffy about art on the streets of Belfast, Maine!If this inspires you to want Michael to create an original piece of unusual art for you, that can happen!