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June and July 2014....We will be clearing out our cracked and broken coolest letters, boxes and boxes of them. Probably some +/- 40-50 boxes. We'll be at The Meadows  field from July. 8th -10 or 11. Look for our tall flag pole with the big red X because X marks the spot! Do you go to Brimfield?

My name is Mike Hurley. I write the blog. I am kind of to blame for Bay City Cargo but like all big good and bad things: I could not do it alone. First about me: Like I said... my wife and I fell into the movie business. She was a commercial decorative painter without work. I have been a serial entrepeneur for a long time. She was complaining about a lack of work while I was reading an ad: "Colonial Theatre for sale!" And the next thing I knew we owned the movie theatre. We've loved being in the movie business for twenty years: openbing things like Toy Story, Titanic, The Hunger Games, Slum Dog Millionaire, Star Trek, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Harry Potter.... it has been an amazing run. Along the way... it all got started at Bay City cargo. We keep adding new letters, new styles, and different letters. When I'm not being in the world of letters I am working at home on a project: I wanted a porch to sit under near my pond... so I built a 16' x 10' cool little shed. Now I am building the deck: 8' x 16' and soon enough I am going to get that porch roof to sit under. Today I was working out there... it is in my back yard and a huge Tom turkey (wild) came gobbling by me! Anyway... more often as not when you call or write Carl will be answering you. More about the other folks who work here... Carl, Karen, Heather, and Billy Jo... in the next breathtaking installment of "who is Bay City cargo"....

We had a call from a son whose father worked for many years at an aeronautical company. His father had retired but his very good and thoughtful son had bought the company exterior sign letters when the company was sold and re-named. He then had the 3' tall letters that were his Dad's initials mounted and wired with a dimmer switch for his Dad to display and enjoy. But then he had all the other letters left over and that's how we came to own a bunch of 3' tall letters. To all in the world. Happy father's Day.

My wife Therese and I have owned the Colonial Theatre in Belfast Maine since 1994. I have owned the Temple Theatre in Houlton Maine for more than ten years. Both theatres are classic small downtown theatres with cool old marquees. The Temple had an old stack of letters in the basement we no longer used and one day we put some of them on eBay. We found out very quickly that there was a hunger for old letters with style.  Very soon I eneded up becoming the world's largest collector of old letters. Along the way we added some newer letters that look cool. We now operate out of the courtyard of the Belfast Opera House a late 1800's brick pile with a cool but currently abandoned opera stage and hall. We have over 20,000 letters in stock so we can always help spell for you whatever you are looking for. See you soon... Mike Hurley

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Inspiration Gallery

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